really works well when you’re talking about the back off is now Rocking so if you look at this this tooth number for INSURANCE this is what we’re gonna do today what should happen in theory is

I should right-click on the back I’m talking about the clinical folks I should right-click and I should post this to walk out notice in my color frame my color choices

this turns black now I can tell that’s been posted to walk out I’m gonna hit save alright I’ll continue to do my work back here but now let’s go to the front and let’s walk

this patient out so now the front and there should be some handoff that happens at the front you know the back office walks a patient up and you know tells

the front what’s happening today and then as we walk this patient out and hopefully this will pop up let’s see there you go so here we go I’m gonna walk this patient out and what you’re gonna see is I get a check box right

there whoops and I actually got to buy up a bunch of things on here because I am using the same patient over to go but here’s my check box for what we did today and I’m gonna use that selected service it’s gonna bring over

a bunch of things but there’s my crown and I’m gonna verify and again if the front I mean if the back came up and they said okay we completed your charles’s crown

the day and I look here and I go oh there’s a pro fee and I exam that came over from the last visit something’s not right so it becomes that failsafe to make sure things were done properly and for those for the training one of

the things that I hear a lot of times is that people say well we have to be careful for privacy we have to be careful when we’re walking patients out

well it’s very easy to say I’ve walked out the procedure that we’ve done today it should be there for you and then you know so that way you don’t

have to say we did a crown on number four in front of other patients if you do the walk out