Take care about tooth pain

want to tooth pain make sure that’s that I Asked for the minutes because I Didn’t have them with my I always like the reading of to understand where we’re at and why were right when

when mr.Lauer raised that question we did clarify that it was not for wrecked asin junked or repossessed vehicle but rather for a recreational vehicle and his his request meant recreational vehicle but we just clarified

that with him I just want to make sure because the way the way it reads in the minutes it there there’s a lot of interpretation in that right no but we

made it besides the ordinance and the zoning does not allow for understood and for junk or repossessed vehicles it’s only for Commission you can

clarify that inthe motion as well I have a question then that asphalt that was laid looks like it was just slapped down over dirt and weeds is that the

plan there is this going to be dug out and the proper subsurface no he started to pave the area but we asked him to stop it’s been like this for at

least thirty days so there may be some grass that grew over the area well I’m looking behind thereand and this doesn’t look like it was you didn’t finish didn’t get that far no because we stopped him but I think the point is

you didn’t prepare the subgrade he’s gonna do a property right to astronomers Frank we have yep yes so that’ll likely be torn out yeah well

this area will be torn out this rightI’ll have to make sure that complies with our with our standards for paving a parking lot will he be able to right